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The word culture was derived from latin word cultura.
Culture can be defined as an art,litreture,music and other intellectual expression  of a particular society.
 The totality of socially transmitted behaviour patterns,art,belief,insitution and all other products of human work and thoughts.
Nigerian Culture with be discussed in detail.



Date created:- 23 september 1987
Governor:- Chief Godswill Akpabio
Capital:- Uyo
Population as at 2005:-3,920,208
Land Scape:-8412 squres

Akwa-Ibom state carol night broke the guiness book of world recored in December 2008,the state put together a 9,300 choir to sing chrismas carol on boxing day, this surpassed the 1,786 carol singers at Bob Jones University.
The Governor remarked that the festival was so great that he felt like keeping it going through the whole night.He appreciated the participation of musical groups.
With this great achivement Akwa Ibom is ready to create another pace for the others to follow.
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River State Cultural Carnivals


River State

Date created:- May 27,1967
Capital:- Port Harcourt
Governor:- Rotimi Amechi
Nick name:- Garden City
Some major towm:-Bonny,Opobo,Okirka

River State Capital Port Harcourt is making great effort in the development of entertinments she host the third edition of ION international film festival. River State is proving to the world that it is the home of entertainment.
On the next couple of week,nigeria and indeed the world will begin to witness another season of extravaganza.Although river state is well known for violence and militance,the commisioner assures the guests of their security and protection,streesing that the era of militance in niger delta is over.
According to the Commisioner,effors are being made to make port harcourt compete with the best cities acroos the globe such as london,paris ,new york etc.
River state governor has vowed to make river state the best tourist destination in africa

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Cross River State Canival

Created on 27 may 1967
Capital:- Calabar
Population estimate as at 2005:- 3,104,446
Governor- Liyel Imoke
Nick name:- The peoples paradise

Cross River State is a coastal state in southern Nigeria,bording Cameroon to the east.The major language are Efik and Ejagham.There are many cultural festivals that attrats tourists,some of the major festivals are Chrismas festivals.With over one month of endless entertainment,where culture,games,exhibition,music performance etc are displayed.

Tinapa Resort is also located in Cross River.
tinapa view
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More information about culture,festivals and carnivals around Nigeria will be published as chrismas and new year counts down. More states will be added and celebrations will be captured on videos and pictures as Nigeria prepares to break world recored once again